Are Exercise Programs Essential For Weight Loss?

The W-word is on everybody’s lips these days. We are bombarded by adverts and experts about cutting calories, substituting sugar free drinks, artificial sweeteners and everything else that will help us lose those pounds. There is just so much information and advice being dumped on us that many people just don’t hear it any longer. What happened? Why are so many people overweight? Think back to your grandparents; it’s almost a sure bet they weren’t overweight. Where have we gone so wrong in just a couple of generations?

We’ve seen major lifestyle changes in the last fifty years; as levels of disposable income have risen we’ve embraced a lifestyle very different from our grandparents. My grandmother went grocery shopping on foot and carried her own shopping bags; I stop in at the convenience store on my commute back home and I look for a parking spot near the entrance. Guess who was fitter and leaner, me or my grandmother? But exercise alone doesn’t do it; millions of people pound the treadmills and work up a sweat on exercise cycles in gyms every day of their lives but for many people, no amount of exercise will turn their fat into anything but fat. Is there any value in exercise programs or are gyms little more than places to meet?

Dieting is sheer hell and the moment you let up the pounds just pile back on, plus interest. No wonder so many people feel like there’s a giant conspiracy keeping them from losing weight!

Perhaps we need to look at our lifestyles; perhaps the key to our problem is as simple as a lifestyle change. But how to change the lifestyle you’ve been living all your life, and what kind of lifestyle do you embrace?

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