Book Review – "A Knight's Vengeance"

"A Knight's Vengeance" is an engaging story of medieval love that pits sworn enemies against each other in a surprising twist of events. As in her previous novel "Dance of Desire," Catherine Kean presents interesting, well-developed characters who are thrown into extraordinary circumstances that test their courage, strength, and loyalty.

A Hero From the Crusades

In this case, Lady Elizabeth Brackendale, the daughter of a wealthy lord, is kidnapped by Geoffrey de Lanceau, a roguish knight and hero from the Crusades, who plots to kill Elizabeth's sire to avenge his father's death. Despite her engagement to a wealthy lord of dubious merit and Geoffrey's two-year relationship with a beautiful courtesan, they can't deny (at least for long) their mutual attraction.

Elizabeth finds herself conflicted between two possible outcomes: being rescued from her kidnapper by her father's army or being rescued from her miserable engagement by her handsome captor. Either way presents dangers – although assuredly different kinds.

An Assortment of Other Characters

The two lovers are surrounded by an interesting and well-developed assortment of other characters, including a cranky lady-in-waiting, Elizabeth's clueless (but loving) father, and Geoffrey's best friend Dominic, a loyal and devoted friend with a mischievous sense of humor.

Kean has a rare talent for drawing the reader into the story through her use of the senses. We can almost smell the exotic flowers in Elizabeth's bath water, taste the figs covered in honey and cinnamon, and hear the belches of the disgusting suitor that her father selected for Elizabeth.

Readers will lose themselves in this long ago, far away tale of love and lust. The playful teasing, light sensuality, and escalating sexual tension produce the perfect level of moderate intimacy that will satisfy most romance readers. Kean adds an intelligent and passionate voice to the historical romance genre.

A Knight's Vengeance

By Catherine Kean

ISBN: 978-1-932815-48-1 / ISBN-10 1-932815-48-1

Publisher: Medallion Press, Inc. (2006)

404 pages; US $ 6.99 / CDN $ 9.99

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