British Comedy

British Comedy is unique for its quirky characters, mild to slap-stick plots and clever dialogue. It comes in many guises and forms.

One of my favourite British Comedy Sitcoms is Dad’s Army, which focuses on a Home Guard Unit in the fictional town of Warmington-On-Sea during the Second World War. Its main characters include the pompous bank manager Captain Mainwearing, the priviledged and constantly bemused Sergeant Wilson, the fretful and anecdote loving Corporal Jones, and the ever gloomy undertaker Private Fraiser.

Though hardly never in any real danger, the platoon always, more often than not, always manage to find themselves in embarrassing and hilarious situations. These can range from pretending to be mercenaries, fire-men and cricket players.

Catchphrases are a big component of Dad’s Army where ”Don’t Panic”, “Is that wise Sir?”, “Stupid Boy!” and “We’re doomed!” are almost always uttered at least once per episode. This is however endearing I find, and the delighful dialogue and happy banter which it peppers, illustrate the great companionship and friendship that can exist and indeed blossom in times of strife and peril.

The Home Guard’s willingness, despite their age, not to let “Adolf” take away their little green country was a source of great inspiration for me.

Overall my favourite episode had to be The Test, where in the midst of war, a jolly good old game of cricket is still able to take place. The Home Guard are up against the Air Wardens who are led my Mainwearing’s nemesis, the greengrocer Mr.Hodges who delights in calling Mainwearing ”Napoleon”.

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