Hot Shots: One Spoofy Comedy

On a battleship in the ocean many fighter jets are taking off. A jet gets into trouble and has to eject. Mail Man’s seat doesn’t eject in time and crashes. However, he does survive. He accidentally gets branches stuck I his helmet, which make him look like a deer and he is shot. He was Kent Gregory’s father.

Many years later, Fluffy Bunny Feet also known as Topper Harley is visited by the navy while in his teepee. He was thrown out of the navy many years ago because he was a reckless pilot. He still has problems dealing with his father’s death in the navy many years ago. He consults the wise one who convinces him to go back and take part in the mission sleepy weasel where they take out an illegal nuclear power plant. On his journey back to base, he sees a woman on a horse that is very talented. He tries to do many of the same things she does on his motorcycle, but she outdoes him.

Admiral is also assigned the mission and is flown in to California. He is introduced to his copilot Pete Thompson is called dead meat.

Kent Gregory another man in the platoon is always in a bad mood and gives everyone a hard time.

As Topper waits in the waiting room for his psyche, he recognizes the psychiatrist who was the woman on the horse. He is identified as having a syndrome and they keep an eye on him. While flying, Topper is told that he flies like his father. He feels faint and temporarily zones out. He has nightmares about what happened to his father and hopes the same scenario doesn’t happen to him.

Topper then finds out that Kent is the psychiatrist’s boyfriend while at a bar. Kent begins being a little over protective of her when Topper plays the piano while she sings. After Kent leaves, Topper walks her home, which is next door. He is invited inside for the night.

As Mary comes to see her husband, dead meat, many bad luck things happen such as a black cat crosses their path, they go under a ladder and they break a mirror. She tries to get him to sign his life insurance before taking off, but decides to sign it when he gets back. He also has found a fix for global warming and the evidence for JFK’s assassination. He will share it with them when he gets back. He accidentally ejects from the plane and lands in a field with his parachute. He is then hit by the ambulance and his head is hit many times. He is given to a doctor that isn’t very good and dies.

During the funeral the lieutenant admiral is seen plotting with a stranger. They are trying to get the planes replaced with safer ones, but at the cost of a catastrophe. They are going to rig a plane to explode to prove how unreliable they are at the expense of a an innocent life. The lieutenant refuses to kill any of his good men. After he leaves, they decide to make a plan B.

Kent realizes that his relationship is in jeopardy and takes back his chicken dish. She feels bad and tells Topper that she needs a while to think about things. He serenades her in hopes to change her mind, but it doesn’t work.

The evil men from before board the battleship under the cover to observe the operation. They give the orders to cut the wires inside a plane, which are carried out without the lieutenant’s knowing. Will there be an accident during operation sleepy weasel? Will the wires be found before someone dies? Who will end up with the girl and will Topper freeze when he is needed most? Watch and find out.

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