How to Make Your Pet’s Lifestyle ‘Green’

There are numerous ways to live green: you can eat healthier, reduce energy consumption, recycle waste and even save on water usage. But did you know that you can also transfer your green lifestyle to your beloved pets? Below are a few ways to help your pets live a healthier, greener lifestyle just like you do.

1.Consider pet massage therapy

  • Just as humans do, pets enjoy being massaged.
  • Massage therapy has been proven to speed up recovery and help tissues heal from damage or overuse.
  • Check your local area for groomers that also offer massage services.

2. Make sure your pet gets groomed on a regular basis

  • Regular grooming can contribute to longer, healthier lives for all of your pets.
  • Getting your pet groomed can make sure that the overlooked parts of your animal are given attention.
  • Like humans, pets enjoy being comfortable and clean.
  • The use of natural shampoos has many great benefits. They are mild, hypoallergenic, have no animal byproducts, include natural healing herbs, have no artificial dyes or scents, are environmentally friendly and don’t remove essential oils that are produced naturally by a dog’s skin.

3.Feed your pets natural or organic foods

  • A lot of people today are going organic, and now your pets can eat organic foods as well.
  • Many pet stores carry several brands of pet food. Choosing an organic or natural option can help your pet to be even healthier.
  • A few brands to mention are: Karma Organic, California Natural and Innova.

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