How To: Romantic Home Dates When You Are Both Busy

Relationships are not as happy as the montage of sweet and endearing moments you saw in movies. Most of the time is spent on work or school that you only spend so little time together. Yes, that is the reality of this life. But, the relationship doesn't have to be boring and monotonous. Here are romantic date night ideas you may prepare at home if you are the busy bee couple.

Prepare their favorite food

Create a banquet of their favorite food. You can choose two courses with appetizer and dessert. For the years of being were together, you definitely learn a thing or two of their favorite things. So, choose one or two that will appeal to the taste buds of your partner. You can top it off with a fancy wine from the liquor store a few blocks from home. Finish this off through serving it in a cheesy restaurant-styled table arrangement. Can you imagine the fun (or disaster) while making this surprise dinner?

Recreate the first date

Step-up the surprise by recreating your first date. You can wear that shirt or dress you wore on the first date. You can spout few cheesy lines that you remember stuttering during that date, and have a good laugh about it. The night may not end up successfully in replaying the first date, but it will make you realize how far you have come as a couple. This will remind you why you chose to be together in the first place.

Foam bath with flower petals

After that delicious dinner, you and your partner can have a relaxing bath. Buy fragrant blossoms from their favorite florist. You should pick out the petals of the blooms and filing the tub with it. Don't forget the soap and oil to truly pamper yourselves. Who needs movie-slash-cuddling when you can unwind with aromatherapy? This is definitely a new way to step up your dating game.

Homemade camp

The night could never end more beautiful with a homemade fort. As a child, you may enjoy creating forts with blankets and chairs around the living room. So, bring out a child in you and transform the bedroom into a camping tent. Complete this set-up with scented candles and spread the extra petals on the bed. How romantic can it be?

There is no need to do lavish and extravagant things to express your love for your significant other. The fun comes with simple and sincere things.

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