JVC Dynapix LT32DE1 HDD LCD TV Test Review

You would be proud to own the JVC LT-32DE1 HD TV because it’s a functional, high quality model! It’s an HD ready, 81 cm wide LCD TV with a black frame and mounted on a swivel stand. Including a contrast ratio of 30,000 : 1 and 720p/1080i resolution, you will take pleasure in bright, true to life video quality. Whether you like to viewing Freeview TV, play HD games, or enjoy your video collection, the JVC LT32DE1 won’t disappoint.

This TV comes fully equipped with dual Freeview tuners so you can still enjoy your freeview channels at the same time as recording another one. Then there are three HDMI inputs – two on the back and one on the side – so you can easily hook up your cable or satellite TV box, Blu-Ray player or HD games box (including PlayStation 3). There are also two SCART sockets for other components, such as the Xbox 360. Along with the headphone socket and Digital Audio Output, there are 20 sockets available so you can configure the perfect entertainment system for you.

But what’s amazing about the JVC LT-32DE1 is that you won’t need to buy an external digital recording device, it’s included onboard! This HD TV can hold over 300 hours of your choice shows on its 160 GB hard drive. The remote control enables you to quickly find, record, manage and then view what you’ve recorded. Using the dual Freeview tuners, you can record two different channels at the same time.

By pressing the Guide button on the remote will get you started, and a list of the programming choices for your area will display on the screen. Using the arrow buttons on the remote, navigate to the show you’d like to record. If the program you selected is part of a series, it will ask if you’d like to record all of them, or only this one. You can then choose whether you’d like to record the single presentation, or all of them. Then press the OK button and your program(s) will record automatically.

When you’re ready to watch what you’ve recorded, simply click the Playlist button on your remote, and look through the list of shows you’ve saved. Scroll through your selections using the arrow buttons on the remote control. From here, you can press the OK button to view your selection, or press Delete to make room to record more shows.

So easy to use out of the box yet highly configurable, the JVC LT-32DE1 will provide years of entertainment value! The JVC LT-32DE1 is perfect for the tech-savvy consumer, or for those who would prefer a simple, integrated viewing and recording system.

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