King of Queens – Information and Opinions on the TV Series

King of Queens is an American sitcom. It was broadcast between 1998 and 2007 by CBS. It shows on Channel 4 on UK television.

Story line

Doug Heffernan is a courier for International Parcel Service (IPS). He lives with his wife Carrie Heffernan in Rego Park, Queens, New York. Carrie’s eccentric dad, Arthur Spooner, also lives with the couple. Carrie works as secretary at a law firm.

Carrie’s dad, Arthur Spooner, in my opinion, makes this comedy. He has such eccentric ideas and comments and is good at saying or doing the most inappropriate thing possible in certain situations. He has crazy outbursts and yells a lot and tells bizarre questionable stories of things he has done in the past. He has a fast, witty sarcastic sense of humour.

Arthur lives with Doug and Carrie as he accidentally set fire to his own uninsured home, and so he needed somewhere to live. He lives in their basement.

Doug Heffernan comes across as an overweight, food-obsessed man who is lazy and has child-like manners. He makes jokes a lot, and often at inappropriate times. His excuses for not doing things are often silly, and when he tries to pretend he understands a word that he doesn’t it is hilarious. He likes to expand words for no reason, like an onion will be an onion-ion.

Carrie comes across as the exact opposite, as someone who takes life a bit too seriously. She is often seen arguing with Doug, trying to get him to act more adult. She can also be slightly patronising and talk down to Doug and other people. Moans about work and can say catty remarks about people.

Doug often hangs around with Deacon, his best friend and work colleague. They eat together at lunch and meet at weekends. Deacon is tall and black and athletic, unlike Doug. He has a wife called Kelly, and together they have 2 children. Doug and Carrie often meet up with Kelly and Deacon and the two couples spend time together going to the cinema, eating out, and occasionally bowling or playing golf.

Doug’s other friends includes Spence, who is overweight, asthmatic and a nerd who likes comic books, fantasy movies and science fiction. Danny, Doug’s cousin, was somebody Doug originally hated but came to like in later episodes. He is asthmatic, and can put himself down and be pessimistic after his divorce and loss of his pizza shop business.


Overall, a witty TV series. The comedy is straightforward and simple and the laughs come fast. Most laughs, in my opinion, come from Arthur and Doug. Arthur’s strange and bizarre antics, crazy outbursts, and comments are the funniest. Doug’s child-like comments and moans are very funny.

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