My Big Fat Greek Wedding – A True Family Comedy

One Rainy night, Tula finds herself doing the same thing that she has always done. She is a thirty year old seating hostess in Chicago at the family restaurant of Dancing Zorbas.. She is very different from most people even from when she was very young. Her family is very Greek. She eats Greek food, and goes to Greek school when other girls go to brownies. Her home was even modeled after the Parthenon. Her father believes that everything can be cured with Windex. Greek women have three jobs in life, to marry Greek boys, make Greek babies and feed everyone until the day they die. Whoever doesn’t marry must work in the family business until they do. Her father wants to send her to Greece to find a man, but she refuses to go. The family decides that she will be very reliable in the future and will always be there to run the restaurant.

One day a man comes to the restaurant for lunch with a fellow professor. She has a hard time talking and acts very strange. She decides to tell her parents that she wants to go back to college so that she can get a computer and avoid over stocking the restaurant. She also really wants to have a way to escape from her family and possibly date. She perms her hair and wears makeup for the first time in a long time. She does take some classes and asks her aunt to hire her at the travel agency. Her aunt also own a dry cleaning shop. Then the aunt and her mother make her father think it was his idea.

While working at the travel agency, the mystery man walks by and notices that she is having a great time working. She notices him and hides. The next day, he comes back again and introduces himself as Ian Miller and asks her to dinner. He likes Linkin Park, is a vegetarian, and is an only child. While eating, he suggests that they go to Dancing Zorbas for their next date, and she lets him know that her family owns the restaurant. He then makes the connection that she was that seating hostess there. They decide to go Italian instead.

They go on a walk and tells Ian of her doubt on the future of their relationship because her family is loud, big and Greek and his family is small and quiet. Ian convinces her that it will work. Later she is caught kissing him and the family finds out. Her father is very angry that he is not Greek. Her family then tries to set her up with many Greek men that don’t work out. Tula continues to secretly see Ian.

Gus, her father begins to pout about the whole situation. He thinks no one is thinking of him and his feelings. Her mother breaks it to him that his daughter, Tula is in love and there is nothing he can do about it. Tula sees Ian at work and asks him to elope with her. He tells her that they are going to do it the right way and get married with the family. To help his acceptance, Ian gets baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church. They then have an engagement party.

Her family begins taking over the wedding planning. Everything is heavily Greek. Invitations are ordered, bridesmaids dresses are picked and the guest list is all set without Tula’s approval. The invitations even have some misspellings in them. Ian’s parents come for dinner at the house. The whole family is invited. They are very shy and don’t know how take the greetings from the whole family. Will it be too much for Ian’s parents? Will Ian and Tula’s relationship survive? Watch and find out.

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