Romantic City Guide – Los Angeles

Part 1: See the City

Los Angeles and Hollywood are best known for movies and so when visiting the area, be sure to take the time to visit some of the area’s top movie related attractions such as Universal Pictures Studio. Los Angeles is an ideal spot for couples to act like kids again-take the time to visit amusement parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios-or just going to the beach on a warm day. In the city itself, there are tons of parks for couples to stroll through and the area, especially in more affluent sectors such as Rodeo Drive, are known to be hot spots for anyone who likes to shop. Many of the stores in the area can be very expensive however, so many people simply window shop.

Part 2: Some Popular Dining Spots

Los Angeles also has a number of wonderful romantic restaurants that satisfy all tastes. Cicada, located in a historic building with dim lights and 30 foot high ceilings surrounded by classical artwork, is one of the best Italian restaurants in California and is a must visit for any couple who loves Italian food. For those who enjoy seafood such as shrimp, fish, and lobster, the Providence is a cozy romantic restaurant, with great food at high prices. Finally, the L’Orangerie Restaurant in West Hollywood is one of the top French Restaurants in the area and is also on of the priciest. Those who plan to dine here can expect to be treated well and enjoy world class food.

Los Angeles is a great place for couples who like amusement parks, movies, or just about anything else. Even though the city is more oriented towards younger people, there are still plenty of activities for couples of all ages. So if you are planning a romantic trip to California, be sure to spend at least a few days in Los Angeles.

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