Satirical Imitation in Comedies

Satirical imitation refers to imitating some classical people and things in an exaggerated, modified and absurd way. It must be pointed out that the targets to imitate must be classical, lofty, serious and glorious. The reason to put forward such a request is that the purpose of satirical imitation lies in destroying these characteristics to make humor effects, such as Big Movie in China and Bruce Almighty in America.

Firstly, Big Movie tells a funny story that’s caused by a house trap. And it’s a typical example of parody movies. According to a credible statistics, it has spoofed 17 famous movies both at home and abroad in all, especially House of Flying Dangers which is directed by famous director Zhang Yimou.

House of Flying Dangers tells a story that a warrior breaks a beautiful member of a rebel army out of prison to help her rejoin her fellows, but things are not what they seem. The three major characters of this movie are acted by famous actors Andy Lau, Zhang Ziy and Takeshi Kaneshiri relatively. There is a classical appearance of them in this movie, as shown in the following picture.

House of Flying Dangers is a literary film. The story happens in the ancient society. What’s more, all of the images in this movie look serious. The clothes they wear have been designed according to their identities. But, the director of Big Movie modifies it to another style, as shown in the following picture.

Big Movie is a modern comedy movie. It tells a story that happens in the modern times. But, in this picture, they wear clothes of another age.

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