Tear Down His Walls – Make Him Fall in Love With You

Can you make a guy love you? Tired of sitting on the sidelines in the game of love? Do you wonder if you will ever find someone to love you? Are you the watching all your friends having fun and dating? Read on! You need to learn how to tear down his walls and make him fall in love with you.

It isn’t as difficult as you think. I few simple tips and you will be tearing down his walls and making him fall in love with you.

Be Exotic and Mysterious

Have you ever watched the old romance movies? You know the ones, steamy women like Liz Taylor and Sophia Loren, driving men wild. Read their biographies, they did they same in real life. What was their secret? They were mysterious. Keep a guy guessing. Never reveal too much of yourself.

Example: You meet a guy while out with friends. He asks what you are doing Saturday night. Tell him, “you will have to wait and see” as you then lean over, and barely brush his cheek with your lips while slipping your number into his hand.

Be Vivacious and Energetic

Men are attracted to women who are full of energy and embrace life. Be the women who works the room. You know the one I’m talking about. She’s the one that walks from clique to clique and knows everyone and makes everyone a part of her world whether she knows them or not. She laughs at jokes that are not funny and finds something flattering in every man. Embrace your inner diva!

Be assertive and direct

If you are interested in a guy, let him know. Not so much that you scare him away. Engage him in a conversation and look him directly in the eye while you are talking. Ask him questions about himself and keep the conversation going back to him. This lets him know you are interested in him. If you are interested in seeing him again, let him know that you have enjoyed the time you have spent together and you would like to see him again.

If you want to tear down his walls and make him fall in love with you, be mysterious, energetic, assertive and most of all confident in yourself. These things will make you irresistible.

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