The 4-Hour Workweek Business Book Review – A Virtual And Alternative Lifestyle

The 4-Hour Workweek offers readers a completely different perspective on the working world as most would perceive the nine to five grind. Tim Ferris changes the rules of the 40 plus hour work week and offers a glimpse into a much more abbreviated work schedule centered on a new lifestyle design. He changes his own lifestyle from an obsessive 12 hours a day workaholic to a globetrotting, virtual 4-hour work week of the “new rich”.

The author proposes that we empower ourselves with a new perception on the working world. He suggest that people embrace a “New Deal”, changing the rules of the game, outsourcing mundane task, automating important aspects of businesses including cash flow and enabling a more mobile and flexible lifestyle. This was conceptually inspiring for this reader, though pragmatically challenging. Read on about Ferris’s concept of the “New Rich”.

The New Rich live for today, abandoning deferred retirement with the creation of luxury lifestyles here and now. In other words, why wait until you retire to travel Europe for three months, plan the trip now and ensure your lifestyle can accommodate these mini-retirements. This is “Lifestyle Design”, a way to embrace opportunities now rather than working your entire life to wait to fulfill these retirement goals.

Ferris is not the average Joe, his life seems pretty amazing with extended trips to South America, the Far East, and other exotic locales. Ferris boasts some incredible stories, he hosts a TV show in China and of course becomes fluent in that language. He wins a national kickboxing championship by leveraging rapid dehydration before the weigh-in and rapid hydration after the weigh-in. He then pushes his smaller competitors out of the ring to ensure his victory. He is also a motor cycle racer, cage fighter and becomes a Guinness world record holder. Clearly, he is an individual of abundant energy and willing to try almost anything while enjoying his abbreviated work week.

Ferris has created an interesting read, and I concur with the general theme that a virtual and flexible working environment translates into a better and more empowered lifestyle. Though I’m not ready to embark upon three month vacations (mini-retirements), my home office based virtual position does allow me the opportunity to take advantage of a few of the “Lifestyle Design” changes Ferris proposes. For those who read or intend to read Ferris’s book, I would strongly recommend a complimentary book, Your Virtual Success published by Career Press, as a practical companion guide to The 4-Hour Work Week. Your Virtual Success offers clear, pragmatic advice on creating a virtual and abbreviated work week style company, similar to the concept proposed by Ferris, but with more practical hands on guidance.

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