The Gold Rush Influence on Californians’ Thinking Pattern – Hollywood, Aerospace and Silicone Valley

A gold-rush is a period when a large number of people migrate to areas where there have been commercial discoveries of gold. Gold-rushes have taken place in various parts of the world throughout history, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Brazil.

The California Gold-Rush took place in 1848, and transformed California from a small-unknown town to a global centre. The population of California has increased from 14,000 to 265,000, as people rushed in from other cities to try their luck. It was during the gold-rush that towns and cities were chartered, and a state constitution was written to negotiate the admission of California as a state.

Development was accelerated in all fields such as agriculture, transportation, aeronautics, and education. Business flourished as the market grew, and many entrepreneurs became successful. It led to the modernisation of technology, turning mining into a major industry supported by a network of other industries and services.

The Gold-Rush has had ever-lasting effects on the culture, and thinking of people of California. Even today, its influence can be seen in many aspects in this region. It led to the creation of the term ‘California Dream’, which attracted thousands of immigrants. The gold-rush was the first period of boom in California, which was followed by others. California farmers, oil drillers, movie makers, airplane builders, and “dot-com” entrepreneurs have each had their boom times in the decades after the Gold-Rush.

The Gold-Rush period affected almost all the industries in California and the way they flourished. Similar to the gold-rush days, whenever developments were made in any industry, people from around the world flocked to California to take advantage of the situation. Let us take the example of Hollywood in this regard. As the entertainment industry in California started to grow in the 1900s, people from all over America came to Hollywood looking for work. Even today, most aspiring actors, and actresses move to Hollywood to be at the centre of the entertainment world.

The Aerospace industry also had its share of influence from the Gold-Rush. California has been one the main aerospace centres in the world throughout history. According to a survey, 42,000 aerospace companies, and suppliers are located in California, and many people moved here for employment in this sector.

Similarly, the information technology boom came in the early 2000s, which led to the development of the Silicon Valley. Millions of people have since then shifted there in search of prosperity, and it is known as an entrepreneurial haven.

The Gold-Rush was a time that had a lasting effect on people’s attitudes. It opened up their minds to many possibilities and gave them hope of a better tomorrow. As people became more optimistic and driven, it led to the development of all major industries of California. The culture of taking risks, and making quick money initiated out of the Gold Rush, and still has its roots deeply imbedded in California.

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