The Mod Squad: An American TV Series

The Mod Squad is an American television legal drama, that originally aired from September 24, 1968 to August 23, 1973 on ABC. The show remained popular during its initial run of five seasons and 123 episodes. The Mod Squad was a bold TV series which redefined fashion, from hairstyles to language. Aaron Spelling and Danny Thomas were the executive producers of the series. This series is actually based on the experiences of Bud Ruskin who remained as a squad leader for undercover narcotics cops.

Now, take a journey back to the turbulent ’60s and relive the phenomenon known as The Mod Squad, a bold TV series that redefined fashion, from hairstyles to language. “Solid.”

The Mod Squad was a police drama whose basic principle was that the youthful investigators were offered work fighting crime as an alternative to being imprisoned themselves. It attributed three young, hip crime fighters, who get close to criminals by using their hippie personas and youthful as an appearance, One White, One Black, and One Blonde.

The main characters of the series are Tige Andrews who played the role of Captain Adam Greer, Michael Cole played by Peter Cochran, Julie Barnes in a role of Peggy Lipton, and Lincoln B Hayes in the role of Clarence Williams III. Michael Cole’s boyish good looks and brooding, deep voiced personality matched perfectly with his character’s back story. In the series “The Mod Squad”, it was the first major acting role of Lincoln B Hayes. Lipton’s performance on the show “The Mod Squad” earned her four Golden Globe nominations during her tenure. She won a Golden Globe Award in the category of Best TV Actress in a Drama, in 1971. The performance of Tige Andrew was also amazing that he received both an Emmy and Golden Globe award nomination, and won a Logie Award for his work on The Mod Squad. They were the characters who changed the television landscape.

The show “The Mod Squad” depicted a multicultural society, and also focused on the issues of racial politics, drug culture, and counterculture. The format of early cop show was certainly entertaining, the cops had been seen to work for charity, but did not have a lot of fun. It was the drama which brought the cop show into the age of flower by making its cops young, hip, and full of attitude. Due to presenting the changed behavior of cops, The Mod Squad became a big hit and one of the few cop shows with a big audience of youngsters.

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