Tom Cruise’s Numerology; Is He On The Way Down

Tom Cruise, now 45, still packs them in at the theater. Certainly the success of “War of the Worlds”, and the just released to DVD “Mission Impossible III”, would suggest he is still among Hollywood’s top properties. But, Paramount chose to end it’s production deal with Cruse after 14 years. With wife Katie Holmes and their new daughter Suri, born this year; Tom Cruise seems to have his plate full. The question is, can he handle the new family, and still stay on top of the action movie business?

As a Numerologist, if I want to see what’s coming in someone’s future there are (3) calculations which I look at: their Life Cycle, their Letters of Transit, and their Personal Year. These values give me clues about what’s coming for a person in a general way. Looking at these shows that Tom Cruise appears to be entering a period where his career may take a downturn for a while.

His Life Cycle

Tom Cruise entered his second life cycle in 1997, and it will run through his 62nd birthday in 2024. This is a pleasant time for his creative works, but it’s also a time when many opportunities are being wasted in order to party and have a good time. His social life has become a dominate factor for him now. Cruise is often restless and bored during these years. He continues to appear incredibly lucky in the eyes of people around him. The challenge of this cycle is the chance of disruption in his home life. Tom appears to have weathered the storms of his divorce and new marriage, though his career may suffer a little for it.

His Transit Letters

Tom Cruise has a fair amount of change in his transit letters going on. He begin a period under the letter ‘U’ in July 2004 which will end next year in July 2007. He will derive joy and satisfaction from his new family during this time. Though this is a creative time for him, it is not a good period for financial success. His confidence will need a boost during this time. He should seek out his true friends for help and advice to weather this storm.

He just started a two year period under transit letter ‘T’ last July, which runs through 2008. Tom will be more sensitive and aware of the feelings of others under this letter. His marriage will prosper during this time. He also needs to guard against possible health problems while under the affects of this letter.

Cruise has been under the influence of a single ‘I’ for some time which will end next year in July 2007. This marks a time of dramatic ups and downs in his life. It is a time filled with creative opportunities, but also delays and nervous anxiety. In July 2007, he will begin a time under the double ‘I’ transit letters which will last for some years. These years will bring great difficulty in starting plans and projects in his life. His movie career may bog down during these years.

Running through this entire period is a transit letter ‘M’; a letter calling for hard work and practicality. He needs to be careful and pace himself, using his energies wisely during this period.

His Personal Year

2006 is a personal year (9) for Tom Cruise. This is a time for winding up old task and commitments, and preparation for new opportunities in the following (1) personal year. This is a bad year for starting new projects, which should be delayed until 2007.


The theme I draw from the combinations above is that family and social time are going to dominate for a while, and that Tom Cruise’s letter don’t support starting any major projects in the future. The upcoming time under a double ‘I’ turning point looks to be a major stumbling block for starting plans and projects. I think that it will be a while before we see any more major work out of Tom Cruise. Fortunately, he can afford the time off.

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