Top Classic Christmas Movies

Christmas day is on the way. You can feel the atmosphere of this special occasion almost everywhere. And of course, people, especially those who have great interests in movies, pay much attention to Christmas movies. Although many Christmas movies consist of much commercial information, there are still many classic Christmas movies. Here is a list of those top classic Christmas movies and I believe people can feel the ancient, traditional and classic atmosphere of the Christmas day from them.

No.1 A Christmas Story (1983)

This movie told a story that a little boy has a Christmas wish. He desired to receive a Red Rider BB gun as his Christmas gift. However, adults tried to make him believe that owning such a gun is dangerous. This story has many comedy factors and let people know the naive mentality of little children on this day.

No.2 National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (1989)

Just as all the movies played by Chevy Chase, this movie is also very funny and would not let you down. The topic of this movie is very simple and healthful. The hero, Griswold invited many funny friends and they hold an interesting party at his home together. You can find many interesting guys in this movie and of course, watching such an interesting movie can bring you a happy Christmas day.

No.3 It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

This is quite an old movie. But classic movies can be played again and again every year when Christmas day comes. George, the hero of this movie, lost his confidence and decided to commit suicide at the Christmas night. God sent an Angel to help him overcome this hardship. With the help of this Angel, George found the fact that many people would suffer more unhappiness and difficulties without his existence. He realized the value of his life and then decided to start with confidence again.

No.4 Miracle on 34th Street (1947)

This movie expressed an inspiring Christmas spirit. This movie is a comedy and it is no doubt that you can get happiness and laugh from it. What is more, this movie brings us hopes. It brings us hopes that beautiful dreams can become true. Although this story is a little of sadness, but it has a happy ending. You can find that sometimes even desperation can be ended by miracle.

No.5 Elf (2003)

At the Christmas night, ask the fairy in your heart, in the past year, have you forgotten anything important? This movie can remind you of the love and kindness. During the Christmas day, you can stay with those people you beloved and enjoy such a warm movie. It can be quite comfortable.

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