Travel Shows Make Life Very Interesting!

Are you looking for information about exotic ports-of-call? Are you looking to broaden your horizons about the world around you? This is something that travel TV Shows like “Rick Steves’ Europe” and Darley Newman’s “Equitrekking” are good for. These programs have the perfect knack of being able to show you what all this world of ours has to offer each of us. There are also some cooking programs, and are there are also travel shows as well.

Some of the cooking TV Shows that are also travel shows are one like “Lidia’s Italy” and “Burt Wolf’s Travel and Traditions” as well as “Ciao Italia” with Mary Ann Esposito. These programs are both travel and cooking shows to be sure. Another that is an interesting blend is “Tommy Tang’s Easy Thai Cooking” as this programs travel to Thailand for portions of the show. “Travelscope with Joseph Rosendo” is another travel program that makes the world a lot less distant to and for the average person. One recent episode of “Rick Steves’ Europe” saw Rick and his little 3-man crew over in Iran. This was certainly an eye-opener for many people to be sure.

All of the interesting and completely fascinating things that these TV Show spotlights make such a point that it is awesome! If you have ever sat down and taken a look at any of these shows you are likely to be amazed by them. What’s more, these shows are a great way to see what things are liked elsewhere in this vast world of ours. Another show that comes to mind here is “Cities of the Underworld” This show is one that goes all over the world in search of “forgotten” underground cities to show these truths. This is something that many people might not even be aware of, if it were not for this show.

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