TV Theme Songs

The advent of television and the place it has acquired in the lives of people is indicative of not only technological but also social revolution. Its impact can be seen in each and every domain of life including music. One of the popular ways in which music has become an integral part of our life is through TV theme songs.

TV theme songs are the deciding factor in the popularity of a TV show. There are many classic TV theme songs that remain fresh in the memories of the people and are hummable. Theme songs from show such as "All in the Family," "Benny Hill," "Mr. Ed" and "The Beverly Hillbillies" are quite popular. The popularity of TV theme songs is proved by the presence of a number of websites that have classic TV theme songs listed. People can download them and go back to memory lane to enjoy them in their original form.

TV theme songs have virtually assumed the form of a music genre on account of the effect it has on the people. The popularity of TV theme songs proves conducive in attracting the attention of an audience – retaining their interest in the show. On many occasions, the audiences wait for the show only because they love its theme song. On the other hand, high-pitched TV theme songs, when repeated and heard on regular basis, become jarring and audiences do not consider watching such TV shows.

TV theme songs need to express the theme of the show, and compliment the theme and presentation of a show. If a show revolves around a comic theme, then the song needs to have a comical tone. Similarly, a horror show may have some eerie music. Theme songs should not be mundane, or else they lose their repeat value and make the whole show dull and staid.

TV theme songs are important in the sense that they give an insight to the audience about the theme and the standard of a show and need to be catchy and appropriate.

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