Watch a Horror Movie For a Spine Chilling Experience

Watching movies of any genre – romantic, comedy or horror is a fun experience. Among these, horror film is watched by many as it is chilling, haunting and scary. Horror films are usually based on the imaginary world full of incredible incidents and mysterious events. Sometimes, the storyline of these films is influenced by psychological themes, creepy ideas and supernatural science as well.

A horror movie shows the unearthly existence of mysterious characters possessing supernatural powers or ghostly nature. The makers of horror flicks exhaust their imagination in creating the most horrifying situation in order to make the films more frightful and interesting. For the production of the most popular films in the ‘Horror’ category, Hollywood takes the cake. Some of these films are Psycho (1960), Bride of Frankenstein (1935), The Night of the Living Dead (1968) and so on.

The horror movie ‘Psycho’, made in 1960, is a masterpiece made by Alfred Hitchcock. This movie is based on psychological theme, more appealing and spine-chilling than supernatural events. It fills in the audience with so much horror that they seem to lose their movement. In the history of horror films, The Bride of Frankenstein was the first horror movie to introduce the figure ‘monster’. In this film, the creator of the monster is forced to create a mate for the monster from old body parts and the brain of a madman.

Along with these movies, The Night of The Living Dead, made by George Romero is a most dreadful horror movie with plenty of chills and thrills. These are some most terrifying films which are better characterized as horror flicks to the pedestal of fame. In contrast to these movies where you get to know your voice limit with all the screaming whenever a ‘ghost’ or ‘monster’ appears on the screen, kids movies are full of enjoyment and laughter.

Many movies for children portray a world of fantasy rather than exposing the young little audience to the shattering truths of hatred and distrust. The kids movies are mostly based on fairies, folktales and fables. The incredible rise of the animation industry is due to these children movies as most of them are animated. These animated kids movies are becoming a craze in the industry and even adults are bowled over by the special appealing effects of the advanced software.

Disney is one of the renowned producers of kids movies. Some of the most popular animated movies produced by them are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, The Princess and the Frog and many more. These Disney movies are loved by both children and adults of all ages. In Disney movies, the characters touch the imagination of a child and reveal the moralities and ways of the world and society in general. The stories of these kids movies are also quite relevant and meaningful. These stories also convey special messages to the children. Although all the characters in the movies are fictitious, still they hold some reality in them since the characters have the same kind of emotions like a normal human being.

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